About Me

My name is Hayden Sharpe.


But not really.


Hayden Sharpe is my pseudonym. I've determined that I want to write under a pen name, as I find people spell my real surname wrong a lot.


My real name is Abby. I'm twenty-four, a graduate of Miami University (Ohio), and a rising publishing professional.

I grew up on Long Island, which I will always consider home. I don't think I could ever roam far from New York, because I need good bagels and pizza in my life. And garlic knots. And Carvel. And lox and cream cheese and blintzes and... Never mind.

I've been reading since I was about two and a half. Reading has been an enormous part of my life, and I would very much like to do as much with books (be it reading, reviewing, and/or writing them) as I can before my time here is done. Everyone has stories inside them, myself included. My goal is to free the stories.

The Writer in her natural habitat.