"We need to go forward from here. If we dwell on it, we stay in one place, and eventually go backward. That helps no one."


Fire and Ink (formerly known as Charmante) is a story that I began in October/November 2015.

Word count: 94,000


Fire and Ink flips gender roles on their heads with a monstrous twist.


A faraway continent is split into two kingdoms; Colmier in the north, and Avolire in the south. Relations between the kingdoms have been tense for centuries, aggravated by Avolire’s harsh mistreatment of the elves of the region.


Averill Charmante, the hotheaded princess of Colmier, wants nothing more than to settle down and finally marry her fiancé, Vale Hartwell, the prince of Avolire.


When a mage named Rostion abducts Vale from their wedding ceremony, Averill sets out on a journey with her best friend and adopted brother to rescue him from certain death.


You can find the Pinterest board for Fire and Ink below:


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